Biographical Sketch of Rev. Paul S. Munford

Pastor's Bio:

Pastor Munford is a native of Trevose, Pennsylvania, which is a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is the sixth of eight children born to the Reverend Andrew and Mrs. Fannie Munford on May 11, 1949 in Abington, Pennsylvania.Rev. Paul Munford has a Bachelors Degree from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and a Master of Divinity Degree from Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, New Jersey.Rev. Munford was ordained in 1975 by the Keystone Baptist Association of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with the approval of his home church, the Second Macedonia Baptist Church by the late Dr. Thomas J. Ritter.Rev. Munford served almost ten years as pastor of the Greater Zion Baptist Church, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Pastor Munford served the Pennsylvania Baptist State Convention for four years as Vice-President, Central Region, and five years as the state statistician. Pastor Munford served as an officer of the Pennsylvania Baptist State Convention under the leadership of Dr. William J. Shaw. Rev. Munford served as pastor of the Second Baptist Church in Riverside, California for a year and a half. Pastor Munford is the Founder and Builder of New Joy Baptist Church. The construction of New Joy began on September 20, 1995 and church dedication was June 20, 1996. Our church hopes to burn our mortgage within the next eight years.

Awards and Honors Received by Rev. Munford are numerous and include:

1. Nomination to Who's Who among Black Americans, 1985 by the Mayor of the City of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
2. Met with President Jimmy Carter at the White House, 1980
3. Senate of the Commonwealth Pennsylvania Award
4. Proclamation of the Mayor of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania of Rev. Paul S. Munford's Day in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
5. City Council Award, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


1. Former Board Member of Mount Rubidoux Manor for two terms
2. Los Angeles Baptist Ministers Conference
3. Western Baptist State Convention
4. American Baptist Convention
5. National Baptist Convention
6. Full Gospel Fellowship
7. Former Coordinator of the Tyisha Miller Steering Committee
8. Policy Review Commission
9. Riverside Homeless Coalition
10. Presently, President of the Riverside Clergy Association

Special Note:

Our Pastor recently received the Golden Eagle Religious Leader Award on September 10, 2009 from the Riverside Opportunity Center