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Pastor Munford is very active in the affairs of our community. He is sensitive to lifting the downtrodden and a champion for justice and peace. Pastor Munford is the former Coordinator of the Tyisha Miller Steering Committee. Pastor Munford has led our community in three historic Healing and Unity Services in which over sixty clergies attended. Pastor Munford was a former board member of Mt. Rubidoux Manor for two terms and has served on the Riverside Homeless Coalition. Pastor Munford is the organizer of the Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Birthday Celebration with close to a hundred-voice community choir. Pastor Munford presently serves as president of the Riverside Clergy Association.

Partner with DISTRICT ATTORNEY Announcing a gang prevention program

There is an annual event where the community is invited to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Birthday

Churches must revive the biblical call for justice that spurred the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. to lead the civil-rights movement a half-century ago, some Inland pastors said as they prepare for weekend observances honoring the late Baptist preacher.